Five Easy Swaps for under $50 to Help Sell Your Home

Rule of thumb, the most important impression and sometimes the only impression you get is the first impression! Home buyers usually shop with their emotions and that’s ok, but you as a seller must keep it in mind! The first impressions can literally make or break your chances of selling your home! So, if we want our home to look it’s best, you should probably spend some time to help it shine!

Here are my top 5 things under $50 you can easily swap to help make the best impressions:

1. Family Photos

This is home staging 101 – you may love all 30 of your family portraits, but honestly, they are a distraction to the buyers. The first thing they will do as they walk through your home is notice all the photos on the wall or mantle place. You want them to look at the space and get a feel for the house, not spend time seeing who’s part of your family. I would suggest replacing them with simple art photos that match and complement the colors of the room!

2. Old Worn Out Throw Rugs

If you have hardwood floors, you may have a hallway rug or entrance way throw. If it’s dirty or looks like your dog rolled on it after playing in the dirt – go buy a new one at a local store. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just something newer to make the home feel more inviting.

3. Check the Foliage

Dead plant in the corner of the room? Honestly, there in nothing easier than going through and making sure your plants are alive and look nice. If it’s dead, just get rid of it or hide it in the garage or shed. Your home should feel inviting. Having a brown shriveled plant on the table does not scream “welcome”

4. Check your lighting!

This should be a no brainer, but it’s worth including! Changing burnt out light bulbs is so incredibly important and ridiculously easy. It can be a turn off to the buyers as they look through the house and only some of the lighting works. Its annoying and lazy of the seller to not simply fix them, this includes interior and exterior lighting!

5. Worn Out & Beaten Down Pillows

Last, but certainly not least – pillows! More specifically throw pillows that you would find on the living room sofa or in the bedrooms. These $15 items can make a room look brighter while adding color and life to it. Don’t overlook this if you are prepping your house to go on the market! You’d be surprised what a few pillows can do for a room!