Top Autumn Eight for your Home

Here in Bucks County, we love the fall time! We look forward to beautiful leave foliage, pumpkin spiced everything, crisp morning air and cozy sweaters for those chilly fall days. As cooler weather approaches, make sure you take full advantage of these warmer days to get your home prepped for winter time. Preventative maintenance although annoying sometimes, can save you big time from unexpected expenses and emergency repairs plus they could ever reduce your energy bill!

Here’s our Autumn Eight list for you Home:

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Clean Out Your Gutters

The best part of having a ton of (dry) leaves, is raking them all up in a huge pile just so your kids or dogs can run around and jump in them like the goofy creatures they are! After that, it’s time for clean up. After you take care of the yard, don’t forget about your gutters! Clogged gutters can be a real issues and a mess if we get a lot of rain and freezing temperatures.

Winterize Your Air Conditioning

While this might not be the most important item on your list, removing debris from around your AC unit and keeping a cover on it during the winter time can certainly help it survive the harsh winter beating. Do your best to clean the entire area and then once you are done using it for the season, cover with a large tarp and use tie downs to secure it to the unit.

Image result for check furnaceGet your Furnace Checked

Make this #1 on your list, period. Do you love coming home to a nice warm home in the winter? Well how upset would you be if you came home and realize something went wrong with the heater and now you have no heat. Sometimes a maintenance check can be the difference between having no problems and having a big problem!

Check your Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

This should also be #1 on your list. Once we start using our heating units and space heaters, having working detectors is extremely important for your families health and safety! Check and replace batteries for all units in the house.

Check you Trees and Large Shrubs

Make sure you don’t have any damaged or dying trees in your yard that could be a real hazard once snow and ice begin to fall. The last thing anyone wants to find is a tree or part of a tree fell on their house or even their neighbors house!

Check your Exterior

Check around the exterior of your windows, doors and exteriors walls for any repairs that my need done. Replacing caulk around windows and doors can help keep your hot air inside your house. Hire a professional if you find any major cracks or holes in any brick or stone exteriors.

How Old is Your Roof?

Do you see any missing or damaged shingles? If you are not sure of the condition, call a professional to come and inspect it for you. They can tell you if can wait to get it fixed or if this is something you need to address before winter.

Say Good Bye to Summer

Close up the pool, put away your seasonal furniture and bring those warm weather loving plants inside! Now is also a good time to go through your closets and see what clothes you don’t want anymore and could donate around the holiday time! Keep an eye out for holiday clothing and toy drives in your local area!